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Financial Planning From a Biblical Worldview With a Financial Advisor in Muncie, IN

“Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be.” — Matthew 6:21

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Whether you earned your money, received it as a gift, or inherited it, EagleFlight Wealth Management is the experienced team to turn to for trusted financial planning in Muncie, IN.

Who We Are

Who We Are

EagleFlight Wealth Management is a family-owned, Christ-centered financial advisory team offering our clients financial planning from a biblical worldview, allowing you to make decisions about your money that align with your values. Isaiah 40:31 guides our team, and our work is built on the knowledge that “those who trust in the Lord will find new strength.” 

Our Experience

With decades in the financial services industry, EagleFlight Wealth Management serves all clients with faith-based advice and strategies for investing, preparing for retirement, paying taxes, passing along generational wealth, and giving to causes you care about.

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Our Mission

Our practice specializes in financial planning for Christians and people who are retired or about to retire. We focus on biblically responsible investing, which seeks to align an investor’s faith with their investments.

This process takes time and skill, even with the right tools and technology. But it keeps investors of Christian conviction away from investments that don’t support their beliefs and biblical teachings. 

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Our Unique Process

We use the EagleFlight 3D Process to gain insight into your financial situation and your expectations and goals. We then develop a plan to reach those goals and put this plan into action, providing skilled guidance to keep you on course.

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Stewardship in Financial Planning

Stewardship in Financial Planning

We started EagleFlight Wealth Management with one goal in mind: helping others. With God as the desire of our hearts, the focus of our financial advising remains on helping clients live and retire with dignity and financial peace.

While the cost of the services we offer is fee-based and transactional, we provide investment advice under a fiduciary standard, putting your interest above ours.

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Client Centered

As an advisory team with a biblical worldview, we see financial decisions from a different perspective. We recognize how all financial choices impact our stewardship.

To be good stewards, we know clients must see how lifestyle can impact cash flow and how that can impact net worth, which then affects your legacy and ability to properly steward God’s resources. We bring this unique perspective to every consultation with our clients. 

With an office in Muncie, Indiana, we are proud to serve clients throughout Indiana and surrounding states (we are licensed in IN, IL, KY, TN, FL, MA, OH, TX, CA).

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