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Our EagleFlight 3D Process

“Open my eyes to see the wonderful truths in your instructions.” – Psalms 119:18

Because we are Christ-centered at EagleFlight Wealth Management, your financial future based on biblical principles is our focus. We take time to get to know you, find out your goals and dreams, and equip you with the financial knowledge to help you along your journey. We then begin working on the plan for your financial future.

This starts with the EagleFlight 3D Process. The “3D” stands for the three actions—discover, develop, and do—we undertake together to build a plan that aligns your goals and dreams with your beliefs.

The process looks like this:

●      Discover where you are and where you want to go.

●      Develop a road map to get you to that destination.

●      Do what’s needed to implement your plan and stay on course.

The EagleFlight 3D Process begins with a confidential consultation with members of our team. During this consultation, EagleFlight Wealth Management members help you realistically assess your current financial situation to determine your starting point. Then we discuss your dreams, expectations, and goals to complete the first D of discovery—where you want to go.

Big-Picture Biblical Solutions

Big-Picture Biblical Solutions

At EagleFlight Wealth Management, we guide you to see the Big Picture, giving you any information you need to clear up questions or concerns you may have and making sure we all share the same vision. Talking through the opportunities gives you the power to make wise choices with your money that reflect your faith.

Another key to the process is that a member from EagleFlight Wealth Management will talk through biblical, responsible investing options. This is a faith-based screening process to reflect your values in your investments. While complex, EagleFlight Wealth Management has the experience and tools to fully inform you of your options.

Continuing to work closely with you, EagleFlight Wealth Management establishes the strategies to suit you—your vision, your objectives, and your values.

To provide a solid financial plan based on sound financial services, the EagleFlight Wealth Management team works closely with experts in other financial specialties, including accounting, tax preparation, and estate planning. Developing a plan is the second D in the process.


Why Do I Need a Faith-Based Financial Planner?

You might choose to seek out a faith-based financial planner if you are interested in:

●      Aligning your investments with your religious beliefs

●      Planning to retire early to do mission work or enter the ministry

●      Giving back to the community through charities that align with your beliefs

●      Passing along generational wealth after your death

●      Wiping away any debt

●      Planning for college for your children and grandchildren

●      Lessening your tax burden in line with your values

●      Finding insurance that aligns with your Christian beliefs

●      Starting or growing a business in keeping with your faith

●      Learning how to be a better steward of God’s resources

A biblically minded financial planner can help you pursue these goals with confidence.

Is Certification Required for a Financial Advisor?

There is no industry requirement for a financial planner or financial advisor to obtain the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) or Certified Kingdom Advisor (CKA) designation to advise clients on retirement planning, investing, estate planning, insurance, and taxation.

However, the designations demonstrate that a financial planner or advisor has studied the finer points of helping you with your finances.

What Is the Difference Between a CFP® Professional and a CKA?

Financial planners and advisors who hold these designations both have studied finance in detail and are qualified to assist you with retirement planning, investing, estate planning, insurance, and taxation. However, a CKA has studied these topics through a biblically based lens and is focused on aligning your financial future with your Christian values.

Do Faith-Based Financial Advisors Care About ROI?

Yes, a faith-based financial advisor often has a fiduciary responsibility to do what is in your best interests and works to find the best return on investments for you. However, a Christian financial advisor also looks out for your return on life (ROL), which aligns with your values and is based on righteous and generous living.

Implementing Your Plan for Success

With a strong plan in hand, EagleFlight Wealth Management helps you implement it—the “Do” from our 3D process. And there is no need to worry about what happens down the road. You will not be alone. We continue to travel the journey with you to help you stay on track toward a successful financial future.

To learn more, contact our team today.


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