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“Commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust him, and he will help you.” Psalms 37:5

EagleFlight Wealth Management’s goal is to use our cornerstone strategies of biblically responsible financial planning to help you experience future financial success. Our team takes our commitment to the stewardship of what God has given us seriously, and we share this focus through value-based financial planning for all clients.

Many of our clients are teachers, pastors, and other church members; they are typically retired or nearing retirement, and are often families. If you’re looking for a financial planner to help you focus on your financial picture, EagleFlight Wealth Management is a financial advisor in Muncie, Indiana, specializing in comprehensive financial planning with a biblical focus.

Navigating Financial Challenges

Navigating Financial Challenges

The majority of our clients share the same challenges when it comes to their financial futures. You may have questions like:

●      Will I have enough money to retire?

●      When will I be ready to retire?

●      Do I have enough money to maintain my current lifestyle after I retire?

●      What will I be able to do to help the community in retirement?

Typical clients are also looking for tax planning and tax mitigation strategies, such as tax harvesting, favorable capital gains and loss treatment, and philanthropic giving.

Providing Faith-Based Solutions

We aim to bring our focus on biblically responsible investing, faith-based investing, financial planning from a biblical worldview, and values-based financial planning to more Christians who want their money to finance actions, behaviors, and issues that align with glorifying God and do not support purposes that go against their values.

Many large companies’ holdings, mutual funds, and other investments are attached to organizations that support issues that go against biblical teachings. Often, Christians may hold stock in these companies and have money invested in these mutual funds or other financial instruments.

Because of the complexity of many large businesses, the relationships among these companies and underlying undesirable activities and issues are not readily apparent. EagleFlight Wealth Management has the experience and access to the tools and technology needed to help uncover such relationships. 

Biblically responsible investing is effectively a process to filter a client’s investment portfolio. This is done to eliminate stocks, bonds, and other holdings that might have a relationship with a company or organization that does not align with Christian values.

A Better Future Through a Biblical Worldview

A Better Future Through a Biblical Worldview

EagleFlight Wealth Management grew out of the desire to help people. Today, this is still the mission of a family of believers with access to tools and technology that can produce even greater results for clients. It all starts with our team understanding your dreams and expectations and developing a plan. Contact us to get started on your plan.

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